He was born in Bakırköy, Istanbul. He completed his primary education in Bakırköy Kartaltepe Primary School. Graduated from Istek College of Science. He completed her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.

He has been the chairman of the Board of Dentista Healthcare Group since 2015. He is a member of Aesthetic Dentistry Association. He participated in various local and national channels.

He continues his career at Nişantaşı, Göktürk and Gaziosmanpaşa branches.



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10 Golden Rules for Non-Carious Teeth

1. Brush Your Teeth After Breakfast

Most people brush their teeth in the morning because they feel the smell in their mouths. When we wake up in the morning, the odor is caused by the slowing saliva flow rate at night. Due to the slowing saliva flow rate, bacteria are temporarily activated and cause odor. After a certain period of awakening, this will return to normal. The correct brushing will be done by cleaning the nutrient residues around the teeth after breakfast.

2. Avoid Sticky Foods in Meals

Sugar is the main source of caries formation mechanism of sugar that is not cleaned around the teeth leads to rapid decay of the teeth.

3. Do Not Eat After Brushing Your Teeth Evening

Nutrients that are awakened before sleep and eaten from sleep will increase the formation rate of caries 3 times. The reason is that the rotten bacteria in sleep is more active than normal. Before sleeping, the teeth should be brushed and there should be no plaque around the teeth.

4. Use Floss

The interface areas of the teeth, which the brush cannot reach, are the areas where the dental caries are most common. After the teeth are brushed, dental floss must be used.

5. Use Alcohol Free Mouth Water

Once used once a day, the rinsing water is extremely important as it will slow the activities of caries bacteria.

6. Replace Your Toothbrush 3-4 Months

Deformed toothbrushes cannot be cleaned properly and must be replaced.

7. Tooth Brushing Training

It should not be forgotten that a proper cleaning is provided when a correct brushing method is applied. Despite continuous brushing, unstoppable dental caries are the cause of incorrect brushing. Consult your physician for brushing training.

8. Toothbrush must be used without water

When the brush is soaked with water, the fluoride content in the toothpaste will decrease. Fluorine stops and prevents tooth decay. Toothpaste should be applied to the tooth surface with a dry brush.

9. Toothpastes containing fluoride should be used

10. A Dentist Should Be Visited Every 6 Months

Regular control is very important for the early diagnosis of caries. It should be noted that the bruise is recyclable at an early stage.

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