He was born in Bakırköy, Istanbul. He completed his primary education in Bakırköy Kartaltepe Primary School. Graduated from Istek College of Science. He completed her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.

He has been the chairman of the Board of Dentista Healthcare Group since 2015. He is a member of Aesthetic Dentistry Association. He participated in various local and national channels.

He continues his career at Nişantaşı, Göktürk and Gaziosmanpaşa branches.



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Choosing Toothpaste in 5 Items

The enamel of the teeth consists of crystals. The name of these crystals is hydroxyapatite crystals. Bacteria that cause tooth decay cause dissolution of hydroxyapatite crystals and disrupt the enamel of the tooth. The fluorine binds to hydroxyapatite crystals to form fluorapatite. This structure makes it difficult for bacteria to disrupt the enamel structure. It is the fluorine ion itself, which strengthens the structure of the teeth and prevents its decay.

1. Use fluorine-containing pastes

Each individual should use a fluorine-containing paste, as it prevents the tooth from decaying and allows the initial cavities to return. The only exception to this is children and individuals who are at risk of swallowing toothpaste while brushing teeth.

2. Do you have tooth sensitivity?

There is a dentin layer containing channels under the enamel of the tooth. Dentin channels are covered by enamel on a healthy tooth. Due to various reasons, the dentin layer is sensitive to cold, hot, sour and sweet stimuli. Patients with sensitivity problems should choose the ones that are sensitive to toothpaste. Some ions in the depressurizing pastes block the exposed dentin channels and prevent the sensitivity.

3. Attention to Paste Selection in Children

If brushing education is given to young children, it will become a habit in later years. Given the way children learn, they should see their parents brushing their teeth to brush their teeth. So if you brush your teeth, your children brush. Children can swallow toothpaste when brushing teeth at a young age. For this reason, low-fluorinated pastes should be used. Standard sealants can be used when there is no danger of swallowing.

4. Take Care of Choosing White Colored Pastes

Detection of a problem in the gum by the patient is understood by the bleeding in the brushing. Colored pastes may hide blood color. White colored pastes should be preferred as much as possible.

5. Attention to Whitening Pastes

Care should be taken to ensure that the particles in the paste do not scratch the tooth surface. Dental surface scratches lead to tooth discoloration.

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