He was born in Bakırköy, Istanbul. He completed his primary education in Bakırköy Kartaltepe Primary School. Graduated from Istek College of Science. He completed her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.

He has been the chairman of the Board of Dentista Healthcare Group since 2015. He is a member of Aesthetic Dentistry Association. He participated in various local and national channels.

He continues his career at Nişantaşı, Göktürk and Gaziosmanpaşa branches.



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More White Teeth Imagine?

Teeth whitening process is also an application of FDI approved bleaching of teeth. It has been proved that there is no harm to the teeth when it is done in the dentist's chair. The whitening process, which is carried out in the form of a gel in the form of a physician, makes it possible to achieve more white teeth in a single session.

Discolored teeth are the biggest aesthetic problem of our age. The fact that colored teeth cause communication problems in patients supports this belief.

What is the reason for yellowing teeth?

Tobacco products such as cigars, pipes and cigarettes cause green, brown and black colorings on the tooth surface. Cola, tea, coffee drinks, such as gallic acid derivatives and tannin with coloring agents such as brown-black color tones cause coloration. Red pepper, cherry and black mulberry also cause violet and black coloration.

Some antibiotic groups and improperly applied canal treatment may also cause discoloration.

How To Apply Teeth Whitening?

In the clinical setting, whitening gels are applied on the teeth and activated by light sources. It is possible to capture several tons of whiteness within fifteen minutes. Depending on the amount of color change, one session can be applied.

No Whitening Using Various Substances

Whitening should not be done using the various methods taken. These methods cause wear on the teeth. Irreversible damage can cause permanent material loss and sensitivity in the teeth.

Methods using carbonate and lemon juice are extremely dangerous for dental health. It must be remembered that it is a dental organ and lives in the mouth thanks to its minerals. Your teeth are not lifeless. Every procedure performed on the teeth should be applied in a physician's control with scientifically proven methods.

Can anyone whitening?

Whitening is a reaction in the enamel of the teeth. The enamel layer is not applied on the untouched teeth and on the exposed root surfaces that are not protected by enamel. Some hereditary diseases as a result of the enamel surface is not formed and intense tooth squeezing surfaces are not applied in the eroded individuals.

Is Teeth Whitening a Painful Application?

When applying bleaching gels, other tissues and gums are protected. The color changes that may occur after the whitening of the gums are temporary. After whitening, it regresses very quickly. During the bleaching process, the patient does not feel any pain and can return to his / her daily life without any problems.

What is the Cause of Coloring in a Single Dental?

It is possible that the teeth, which have lost their vitality as a result of past or recent trauma, may change color like a dried leaf. In this case, only one tooth can be internally whitened.

If the canal treatment cannot be performed correctly, the teeth may become discolored. Treatment is the internal whitening method applied for a single tooth.

What Is The Persistence Of The Whitening Process?

After bleaching, the patient should not use cigarette and tobacco products that should be away from the dyes (sour cherries, spices, coke, tea, coffee etc.) for a week. The persistence of the procedure varies from six months to two years depending on the patient's hygiene habits, tobacco use and diet.

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