He was born in Bakırköy, Istanbul. He completed his primary education in Bakırköy Kartaltepe Primary School. Graduated from Istek College of Science. He completed her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.

He has been the chairman of the Board of Dentista Healthcare Group since 2015. He is a member of Aesthetic Dentistry Association. He participated in various local and national channels.

He continues his career at Nişantaşı, Göktürk and Gaziosmanpaşa branches.



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Foods Good for Dental Development

Dr. Efe KAYA, gave information about how to feed during tooth development.

Cosmetic Dentist Efe KAYA, until the end of the 20's that the production of teeth, so it is very important to eat and drink renewed, expressing, in The structure of the teeth is intensely composed of inorganic substances. These consist of minarets. During the formation process of the teeth in the mouth of this tooth production system will be included in the right feeding materials. As a result of the change of milk teeth to accompany our children for a lifetime teeth 3 to 4 years of age begins to occur in the jaw bone. Although this production lasts up to 12 years of age, considering the 20 teeth, it is possible to produce teeth in the jawbone until the end of the age of 20 years. After the production of the teeth in the mouth is not very large changes in structure. Therefore, in this age, foods that are consumed and consumed are very important. Intense calcium-containing foods such as milk yogurt cheese ayran should be consumed intensively. Since carrots potato and broccoli are vitamin A stores, tooth production mechanism is supported as a result of consumption. Fish meat and chicken will support the structure of the teeth due to the intense phosphorus content. After the formation of the teeth in the mouth of the teeth, which can disrupt the enamel structure of acidic beverages should be avoided in the case of consuming a pipette should be used. Dense acid causes erosion of the tooth enamel. Foods that contain many carbohydrates increase their susceptibility to dental caries.

In the mouth that causes dental caries, there are 3 kinds of bacteria. Kaya, rat These bacteria are the only source of consumption carbohydrates. Carbohydrate residues that are not cleaned in the area of the teeth of these bacteria as a result of the acid begins to rot. For this reason, chocolate, chocolate and similar sticky foods accelerate tooth decay. Carbohydrate is the main energy source of the body, but quality carbohydrate consumption (oats, cereals, vegetables) should not be avoided. In contrast, this group of fiber-containing carbohydrates in the mouth is chewed intensely by cleaning teeth increases the flow rate of saliva. Saliva is a structure that cleans the teeth and prevents them from rot. Sugar free gum consumption cleans teeth by increasing saliva flow rate. However, intense use can trigger muscle pain.

Blog - Dr. Efe KAYA

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